A lot of great ideas for HITRECORD ON TV emerge from the Q&As we ask the community, so we’ll be doing these for each of our Season 2 Themes - so, RECord your specific stories & experiences RE: School.


EVERYONE W/ A CAMERA: RECord your unique stories and experiences for THESE QUESTIONS RE: School. 


In this video It RECorded some thoughts for this Q&A:

  • "What are your thoughts regarding Grades? What kind of an impact did they have on your academic career?"


Contribute to the “SCHOOL” collab HERE!

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HITRECORD On The Road X Levi’s

This limited-edition (and now unfortunately sold out) book we made for hitRECord and Levi’s is one of my favorite pieces I’ve designed for print. It was bound journal-style, and came packaged with a trusty red pen, wrapped closed with an auxiliary headphones cable, and of course a road trip soundtrack download.

Oh, and a bunch of postcards in the back to send home along the way.

The perfect road trip companion.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt recreates David After Dentist


Emma Watson & Joseph Gordon-Levitt - 86th Academy Awards

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